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1 large eggplant 

125g bread crumbs 

2 eggs

50ml milk 

125g plain flour 

1 jar segreto sauce 

Few leaves of fresh basil 

1L veg oil for frying 

75g parmesan 

25ml olive oil

200g mozzarella 




Slice the eggplant as thick as your index finger, place in milk to avoid browning.

Crack eggs and mix with the milk once strained and dried. 

Coat eggplant slices in flour, then in the egg wash, then in the breadcrumb, press well.

Put the veg oil in pan and bring to 180 degrees, deep fry the eggplant until golden for 2/3 min. 

Lay them in a pan or a tray, make sure the greaseproof paper completely covers the pan or tray, place the eggplant in a circle, sprinkle some grated parmesan, add Segreto sauce, basil and mozzarella. 

Repeat twice, making sure last layer is fully covered by mozzarella and parmesan. 

Bake at 180 degrees for 30-35 min 


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